What to know when buying a watch as a gift

Buying someone a special gift is not always the easiest task to get right.

If it’s to celebrate a special event or achievement it can be trickier still.

However, for decades one gift has continually shone through as a perfect way to express that right mix of gratitude and pride - A classic watch.  

With this in mind, the team at the Melbourne Watch Company has put together a few thoughts on what we think a gift giver should keep in mind when looking to purchase a classic watch.

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Consider their style

A good quality watch has many technical features to consider. However, as interesting and important as these are, the reality is no one is going to wear a watch that doesn’t suit them. Therefore, a good place to begin is by considering the taste and lifestyle of the person you are buying for.

Start with their dress sense. Do they regularly wear a suit or is their style quite casual? When it comes to lifestyle, are you more likely to find them on the sporting field or relaxing in a café?

Answering these questions will help point you towards watches that are formal looking or have a sportier design.

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What about features and functions?

Many watches have different functions beyond simply telling the time. These functions are known as ‘complications’. For example, a watch that also tells you which date of the month is described as having a calendar complication, or one that has a stop watch function is referred to as a 'chronograph'.

Some watches like our Portsea Calendar display the date, day and month, which is referred to as a ‘triple calendar’ complication.

Many people like watches with complications, some don’t. It’s really is just a matter of taste.

Featured Watch: Portsea Calendar Classic

What about the inner workings?

If you look inside the case of a watch you will find the movement. Commonly described as the heart of a watch, the movement is what drives the hands and powers a watch’s complications.

However, as complex as these can be, you certainly don’t need to be an expert on their inner workings of a watch movement to choose the right one.

Out of all the things to consider, the most important question for most watch buyers is whether a quartz or an automatic movement is the best way to go.  

A quartz watch is powered by a battery, whereas an automatic watch is mechanical and is powered by a spring that self-winds when the watch is being worn.

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Each one has their pros and cons. The major advantages of a quartz watch are that they are very accurate (to about +/- 1 second per day) and they require little maintenance.

However, many people are drawn to automatic watches because of a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship that has gone into creating the self-winding mechanism that powers it.

Some automatic watches (such as our Lonsdale model) have cases that display the movement under glass on their rear, which makes for a nice talking point.


When in doubt, go with the classics

Every person will prefer certain styles of watches depending on their tastes and interests, however there’s a strong argument that every man should own a classic dress watch.

Defined by their simplicity, the dress watch is a picture of elegance and sophistication. Think the horological equivalent of a sharply cut suit.

Featured Watch: Flinders Heritage Classic

Dress watches come in a number of different styles, but in our opinion are always best worn with a quality leather band.

When it’s really time to sharpen up, a classic dress watch is the one to reach for.


Do you need to see a watch in person?

Like a lot of products, watches can be bought with full confidence online if you’re buying from a trusted retailer.

At the Melbourne Watch Company we take pride in offering our customers a completely hassle free online purchasing experience. This includes free shipping and a 30 day returns policy. Our watches also come with a 2 year international manufacturers’ warranty.

If you are concerned about the size or fit, we also offer a handy sizing guide that you can download and print.

As we are not just an online company, we have the added advantage of being able to welcome people to our dedicated showroom inside our Melbourne headquarters.

We welcome our customers to visit us by appointment and experience our watches in person, along with meeting our team and taking a look behind the scenes in our workshop.


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